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Interview with Susan Love, Author of Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure

July 8, 2019

Today I will be interviewing Susan Love, Philadelphia teacher, and children's book author. When Susan Love was new to teaching, she was a little depressed by her classroom. The kids were uninspired, and the parents seemed uninterested. She was sure the year would be a failure. When she took a trip to the Caribbean it helped guide her to feel refreshed and helped her decide to turn the classroom into an "Island of Learning". This encouraged her students, many of whom had island backgrounds, to write stories.

To her surprise, the children wrote island stories about her and suddenly she decided to create her own Ms. Love island story incorporating the kid’s creative ideas and wanted to share it with the rest of the world.In her book, Ms. Love's Mystical Island Adventure; Sabrina, Arthur, and Lucy find themselves on a secluded island, where the solve mysteries to save a magical orchid that shields the Earth, repairing its ozone layer. As a hurricane approaches, it threatens to destroy the bloom. The children and Ms. Love race against time to discover clues to find and fix a sacred crystal, the islands power source.